wUndertUnge: A Plum (Poem)

wUndertUnge loves to talk

wUndertUnge is words and space

wUndertUnge is black on white
white on black

wUndertUnge has a mouth

wUndertUnge says clever things

wUndertUnge laughs at funny things

wUndertUnge likes hearing startlingly smart    things

wUndertUnge sometimes enjoys hearing dumb things

wUndertUnge loves mankind but loathes individuals

wUndertUnge says scratch that
reverse it

wUndertUnge overhears

wUndertUnge steals

wUndertUnge teases

wUndertUnge does tenses

wUndertUnge makes speeches

wUndertUnge makes silence
and stares down embarrassed
looking past you or behind itself
because it’s scared of being surprised
because it’s scared of not being surprised

wUndertUnge can be pompous pretentious

wUndertUnge is a sound of an idea of a gun

wUndertUnge does poems and plums

wUndertUnge is a violent one

wUndertUnge is the body and blood

wUndertUnge wishes to be naked with you
because being naked alone is worthless

wUndertUnge likes to French kiss, too

wUndertUnge seeks dreams not delusions

wUndertUnge loves to hear you sing

wUndertUnge thinks many things

wUndertUnge has friends

wUndertUnge has smart friends

wUndertUnge finds you pretty

wUndertUnge needs to get some plays down
about people who sometimes are petty

wUndertUnge enjoys one-man shows

wUndertUnge gets frustrated

wUndertUnge is working on self-discipline and being a grown-up and his spiritual growth
without killing his inner child (whatever that means)

wUndertUnge just masturbated

wUndertUnge wonders about the politic

wUndertUnge reads out loud on the train
sometimes in order to hear others think

wUndertUnge is looking and listening
for the right words, the wrong ones

wUndertUnge likes to talk

wUndertUnge is looking for a wisdom spot

wUndertUnge is getting ideas

wUndertUnge doesn’t know where
this is going or where it’s coming from


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